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Öland - Sweden

The Magic of Öland Kingdom of Love 120-90cm 2011 Delft

Öland is one of the high energy spots on this earth like Findhorn and Stonehenge in England, in these places your mind becomes still by itself.
Besides the stillness it is also magic to paint with lots of people at the same time, you can learn from and inspire each other.
On this island Curt lived with his family, unfortunately Curt died in December 2010. His son Johannes is in charge now and gives all the courses together with his family and some other Swedish Vedic art teachers like Nina Jacucci (see picture)

There are 3 kinds of courses;
basic, follow-up and teacher course.

These are from Saturday to Saturday and are held in three barns, big barns where the cows are standing in the wintertime. During the basic and teacher course there are scheduled teaching times. In the follow-up course you are daily informed about who will be the teacher the next day plus the time. Are there no lessons planned then the teacher of the day will pass by all the participants one by one to give support and advice if necessary. As a participant you will have at least three places to hang your canvas so if needed you can work on all three at the same time. When the paint has to dry you can proceed with the others or you can visit other participants for a chat or inspiration, or relax outside with coffee or tea on the grass in the lazy chairs.Nina Jacucci

Painting necessaires;
Close to the barn Swibo there is a shop where you can buy all you need, the prices are a little  higher than in Holland. On Öland people work on canvas this you can buy there by the meter.
The big advantage for loose canvas is that you can roll it up and is easily taken home. You  also can play with it, put it in water or wrinkle it which can give special effects or hang it to dry on the washing lines!

The best time for the Dutch;

Curt KällmanThe months June and July the barns are overfilled since this is the holiday time for the Swedes. The best time for us is the first two weeks of June or the month August especially the last two weeks, and then there is lots of space and the prices are lower.

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