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Some personal experiences in Vedic Art

Surrender 120-95 cm 2009Even though I paint  already my whole life, Vedic art gave my work a total new impulse.
Before I was dependent on the presence of inspiration, but when you paint from your inner source, from what happens in the NOW, it is pure pleasure working with colour, paint and materials.. What comes from the NOW is always good, the end result is secondary to the experience and the attitude you work with. Yet I had results that I never expected.
Wonder is a word that suits Vedic art. Wonder about that which arises without any pre planning. To explain Vedic art is difficult because you have to experience it for yourself.
But what I can say is that it opened doors inside me and that it enriches any body’s life whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist. Anja Atulya is a nice person to be around with. Her agreeable but especially open attitude helped me to go through the different principles.
Thanks a lot, Isis.

The course in Vedic art has done a lot for me. I could feel an enormous amount of creative energy being touched after which it started to stream. I got more energy and ideas, enthusiasm and passion. I found the course very nice but also very healing. The healing aspect also showed itself through dreams from which I learned. I also feel what I want on a deeper level so I can listen to this. I am sure I let go of a lot of ballast and blockages, so that my life is more in a flow then before. I also will do the follow up course, to help this process to continue, to experience more and more freedom, kiss.

The Door; "position" is the only principle that is announced before the lesson, so you can prepare yourself and it is the only somewhat therapeutical one: "what is still in your way?"
Before I went to the third course day I already knew what to make. The whole way in the train, bus and tram, the tears were already flowing down my cheeks. I knew that my attitude in life came for a big part from an experience I had as a child standing before a closed door.
I was nearly 5 years old, my father had died 2 years before and my mother tried to survive with 7 kids from which I was the youngest. I had to walk from school to my home which I hated, I was still so small that I could not reach the bell, the only thing I could do was touch the iron part of the upper door. A passenger rang the bell for me but nobody was home so the door kept being closed and I felt sad, lonely and left alone, first by my father and now by my mother.
ervaringenAnd I never had the opportunity to experience this again, to really feel this until I started to paint this door. All the emotions and feelings I put into this assignment. I did not like the outcome of the door very much but having worked on it meant very much to me also because I started to feel much better. After the course I kept working on it for a week and it changed! The door became more and more beautiful. It became the door of a castle, and I felt the princess and some weeks later the "prince on the white horse" came into my life. How nice that all the pain and tears made room for love, warmth, cosiness, attention, intimacy and peace in my life.

Vedic art brought me in touch again with my creative source.
My source from which the creative energy can stream that can feel colour and forms again, and can digest this as food. I can feel the enthusiasm in which I give form after a period of weariness.
And besides this this creative source has his own way, apart from anything else. It's own dynamism, it's own vibration. It's own creation.
To have an empty canvas before you is an exciting challenge and then to wait for the creative stream that guides the hands.
Thanks a lot Anja Atulya, Curt Källman and Öland,