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Basic course

weer gaan spelen als een kindThe 17 steps are a combination of painting techniques and old Vedic wisdom.
Veda means knowledge. The Vedic lessons say that all the knowledge is already in us,
just like a seed "knows" how to become a flower, you only have to remember.
By these 17 steps you learn to paint in your own unique way.

The basic course with me consists out of 6 Sunday afternoons from 12.00-17.00 hours, every 2 weeks. In each lesson I teach a few steps, I explain them after which you start to work with them. Some steps are about form, others about size and balance. Some of them you will like and some not so much. Sometimes there is frustration and resistance, sometimes you feel in heaven, everything you meet in this creative process is a mirror for yourself.

When I painted on Öland I had the privilege to meet Curt, every day he came to the barns to be with each participant individually to look at and talk about their work.
My very first painting had a big white circle in it,
When he saw this he said; the light is entering your life right now and the darkness (burn-out) is going! I was so busy painting that I had not consciously seen this huge white circle, his comment gave me courage and hope that the worse would be over and that came true!

What do you take with you each lesson?

2 big drawing papers
Vedic Art basiscursus10 copy-papers
Acryl paint
and if you have pastel crayons or ekoline
and your lunch

Make sure you are dressed in comfortable clothes which are allowed to get dirty like an old training outfit or overall and in wintertime take a warm shawl or vest with you.
The first lesson can be done as an introduction after which you can decide whether you want to continue or not.

For more information

Further possibilities in Vedic Art are the  follow-up course and  the teacher course.

After the basic course you can do the follow up course, in which you will practise what you have learned on canvas. With me this happens in the basic course so you can profit from the stillness energy of the group and be inspired by the steps. This follow up can consist out of the 6 Sundays or for a few, you are welcome!

On the island Öland you can do the basic course in a week so also the follow up and the teacher course, see Öland

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