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Anji  My whole life I have been drawing and painting, but it was only around my 60th year that this became my passion!

In a period of burn-out I participated in a course of making mandala's with Shanti Udgitti, an Italian Sanyassin artist. Making mandala's gave and gives me a deep inner peace and for years I enjoyed making them.

Vedic Art;
During a yoga retreat in Goa (India) I came in contact with Vedic Art where the focus lies on freedom of form, colour and material. After the precise making of mandala's within a certain method I felt I needed this freedom.

In Goa during a yoga retreat of my brother Lodewyk (Gopalji) his girlfriend Nina Jacucci gave a Vedic Art course in the afternoons. It was held under big umbrellas outside and every time when I went to the beach I passed it and I was touched by the intensity and stillness in which the participants were painting.
So I decided to join the course, but I felt a huge resistance towards the 17 steps, it felt so much like primary school to me. But these 17 steps turned out to be the magic in this course!
Within these 17 steps there is always at least one that touches you to the core of your being, for me it was step "Space" By painting this step I experienced real space within myself for the first in a long time! In the burn-out period everything was too much for me, no space at all and now I experienced space during this painting and it continued also in my daily life!


Playing instead of achieving;
In Vedic Art it is all about playing and not so much about the result.
I became aware how much achieving is a part of my upbringing and every time again when I start to paint I have to let this go, otherwise I have no fun only stress!
This is what Vedic Art is all about, painting with your heart and soul, no matter the result.
The amazing thing is that because of this, you can start to make things that will utterly surprise you! 

Meditative and healing;
While painting time disappears, my thinking becomes quiet, and after the painting I feel refreshed as after a deep meditation, this is the special stillness I felt passing by the participants in Goa. To work from NO MIND, is felt by many as healing and this is the same with the work that comes out of it.

Om Manu Padme Hum 200-100 cm 2014The course Vedic Art;
Vedic Art enriches and fulfils my life, by painting myself as well as teaching Vedic Art.
The effect of the steps, the creativity and the growing awareness from the participants surprises and delights me every time again! Maybe the biggest magic of the steps is, what you learn while painting continues in your daily life; Vedic Art a Living Art.


My spiritual journey;

Christianity; Christ and mother Mary
Sufism: Pir Vilayat Inayad Khan
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh- Osho- Poona
Sacha Dham Lineage; Gopalji and Naropa
Advaita Vedante - Douwe Tiemersma, Jan Koehoornand Mooji
last but not least Moeder Meera